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ES Compression Socks Pressy


Compression socks by Euro-Star, ensure perfect circulation by applying pressure on the foot from the heel. This allows the blood to flow more easily and faster back to the centre of the body. Compression socks help you successfully prevent early fatigue and muscular pain. Compression socks will make you will fitter, lighter, and less tired, even after exhausting work with your horse. After a long day in the saddle, your boots will still fit perfectly, and you will suffer less from your legs feeling tired. The compression socks fit tightly to the body, so that you will have good contact with your horse. The compression socks have a soft, ribbed hem with euro-star lettering in a contrasting colour. The euro-star logo has been woven into the material at the heel. The toe and heel areas have been reinforced.


62% Polyamide 20% Polyester 10% Polypropylene 8% Elastane